Northwest Ohio Proud Campaign 2024

Join us on an exhilarating journey through the heart of Northwest Ohio as we uncover the inspiring stories of local businesses who proudly call this region home. From the bustling streets of Toledo to the serene beauty of the Maumee River and beyond, the Northwest Ohio Proud Campaign shines a spotlight on the unwavering spirit and relentless dedication of our community entrepreneurs. Discover the passion, resilience, and innovation that set these businesses apart, making them integral members of our vibrant local fabric. Immerse yourself in the pride and tenacity that define Northwest Ohio, as we celebrate the extraordinary tales of success and achievement that make this corner of the world truly special.

This week we take a at the Zepf Center who has been a behavioral healthcare resource in Toledo for almost 50 years. With a rich history of helping those in need, they are dedicated to treating their patients with respect and providing hope. Their industry leading staff make Zepf Center the greatest life changing experience for people struggling with mental health and addiction issues in the Toledo area.

It is their goal to treat the whole person through integrated and patient centered treatment. Integrating Behavioral Health and primary care services produces the best outcomes and improves quality of life for their patients.

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